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Ssemwanga D, Bbosa N, Nsubuga RN, Ssekagiri A, Kapaata A, Nannyonjo M, Nassolo F, Seeley J, Yebra G, Leigh Brown A, Kaleebu P. The Molecular Epidemiology and Transmission Dynamics of HIV type 1 in a General Population Cohort in Uganda. Viruses 12: 1283, 2020. link to journal article

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Hey-Nguyen WJ, Bailey M, Xu Y, Suzuki K, Van Bockel D, Finlayson, R, Leigh Brown A, Carr A, Cooper D, Kelleher AD, Koelsch KK and Zaunders JJ. HIV-1 DNA is maintained in antigen-specific CD4+ T cell subsets in patients on long-term antiretroviral therapy regardless of recurrent antigen exposure. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 35:112-120, 2019. link to journal article

Bbosa N, Ssemwanga D, Nsubuga RN, Salazar-Gonzalez JF, Salazar M, Nanyonjo M, Kuteesa M, Seeley J, Kiwanuka N, Bagaya BS, Yebra G, Leigh Brown AJ, Kaleebu P. Complex phylogeography of HIV-1 suggests that Ugandan fishing communities are a sink for, not a source of, virus from general populations. Scientific Reports, 9: 1051, 2019. link to journal article

Ragonnet-Cronin M, Hué S, Hodcroft EB, Tostevin A, Dunn D, Fawcett T, Pozniak A, Brown AE, Delpech V and Leigh Brown AJ on behalf of the UK HIV Drug Resistance Database. Nondisclosed MSM link together in HIV transmission networks. Lancet HIV 5: e 309-316, 2018. link to journal article

Kosakovsky Pond SL, Weaver S, Leigh Brown AJ, and Wertheim JO. HIV-TRACE (Transmission Cluster Engine): a tool for large scale molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 and other rapidly evolving pathogens. Mol Biol Evol 35: 1812-1819, 2018. link to journal article

Ragonnet-Cronin M, Jackson C, Bradley-Stewart A, Aitken C, McAuley A, Palmateer N, Goldberg D, Milosevic C, Leigh Brown AJ. Recent and rapid transmission of HIV among people who inject drugs in Scotland revealed through phylogenetic analysis. J Infect Dis 217: 1885-1882, 2018.link to journal article

Yebra G, Frampton D, Gallo Cassarino T, Raffle J, Hubb J, Ferns RB, Waters L, Tong CY, Kozlakidis Z, Hayward A, Kellam P, Pillay D, Clark D, Nastouli E, Leigh Brown AJ. A high HIV-1 strain variability in London, UK, revealed by full-genome analysis: Results from the ICONIC project. PLoS One 2018 Feb 1; 13:e0192081.link to journal article

Yebra G, Hodcroft EB, Ragonnet-Cronin R, Pillay D & Leigh Brown AJ on behalf of the PANGEA_HIV Consortium and the ICONIC Project.Using full-genome HIV sequence data improves phylogeny reconstruction in a simulated epidemic. Sci Rep 2016; 6:39489. link to journal article

Ratmann O, Hodcroft EB, Pickles M, Cori A, Hall M, Lycett S, Colijn C, Kendall M, Didelot X, Plazotta G, Poon A, Joy J, Leventhal G, Rasmussen D, Kuehnert D, Stadler T, Volz E, Dearlove B, Hossain M, Frost SDW, Leigh Brown AJ and Fraser C.Using phylogenetic tools to estimate aspects of HIV transmission dynamics in generalized HIV epidemics: findings from the PANGEA-HIV methods comparison exercise. Mol. Biol. Evol.; 34: 185-203 2017. link to journal article

Ragonnet-Cronin, M, Shilaih, M, Gunthard H, Hodcroft E, Boni J, Fearnhill E, Dunn D, Yerly S, Klimkait T, Aubert V, Yang W-L, Delpech V, Lycett S, Kouyos R and Leigh Brown AJ. A Direct Comparison of Two Densely Sampled Western European HIV Epidemics: The UK and Switzerland. Sci Rep 2016; 6:32251. link to journal article

Yebra G, Kalish ML, Leigh Brown AJ.Reconstructing the HIV-1 CRF02_AG and CRF06_cpx epidemics in Burkina Faso and West Africa using early samples.Infect. Genet. Evol. 2016. link to journal article

Ragonnet-Cronin M, Lycett S, Hodcroft E, Hue S, Fearnhill E, Brown AE, Delpech V, Dunn DT and Leigh Brown AJ on behalf of the UK HIV Drug Resistance Database. Transmission of non-B HIV in the UK is increasingly driven by large non-heterosexual clusters. J Infect Dis 213: 1410-1418 2016; doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiv758. link to journal article

Yebra G, Ragonnet-Cronin M, Ssemwanga D, Parry C, Logue C, Cane PA, Kaleebu P and Leigh Brown AJ.Analysis of the history and spread of HIV-1 in Uganda using phylodynamics.J. Gen Virol. 96: 1890-1898. 2015 link to journal article

Lu L, Lycett SJ, Leigh Brown AJ.Determining the phylogenetic and phylogeographic origin of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H7N3) in Mexico.Plos One 2014 Sep 16;9:e107330. link to journal article

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Hue S, Brown AE, Ragonnet-Cronin M, Lycett SJ, Dunn DT, Fearnhill E, Dolling DI, Delpech VC, Pozniak A, Pillay D, and Leigh Brown AJ on behalf of the UK HIV Drug Resistance Database and the Collaborative HIV and Anti-HIV Drug Resistance Network (CHAIN). Misclassification of HIV-1 heterosexual transmissions quantified by phylogenetic means. AIDS 2014 Jul 2;28:1967-75. Link to pdf

Schuh, AJ, Ward, MJ, Leigh Brown, AJ, Barrett, ADT. Dynamics of the emergence and establishment of a newly dominant genotype of Japanese encephalitis virus throughout Asia. J. Virol. 2014; 88: (8) 4522-4532. link to journal article

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